Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tiny Loving Canines, Inc.

Tiny Loving Canines, Inc.:  Referred to as "TLC" this is a small, dedicated group of volunteers who specialize in small dog breed rescue.  They are located in Ventura County and hold weekly adoptions at the PETCO in Moorpark.

No Kill Advocacy Center

No Kill Advocacy Center:  No Kill is a revolution. And behind every revolution is a declaration—a statement of grievances, and a listing of rights and principles that underscore our great hope for the future. We assert that a No Kill nation is within our reach—that the killing can and should be brought to an end.

Ventura County Animal Services

VCAS' website:  Our county's shelter originally was referred to as "VCAR" - Ventura County Animal Regulation.  In the last few months, its name was changed to "VCAS" - Ventura County Animal Services.  But by either name it is referred to, it needs our help to work towards a no-kill environment.